• 6 WEEKS – 13 MONTHS

The Schoolhouse Learning Center Nursery Program is designed to provide each infant a feeling of warmth, confidence, and security. The infants’ schedules that are provided by the guardians are individualized, allowing the staff to spend quality time with each infant and to respond to his/her specific needs. Each infant in our care is provided with their very own crib. Daily logs provide all information regarding your infant’s day to ensure that there is a smooth transition from home to school. Our “No Shoes” policy helps to maintain a clean environment for our crawling infants.

Within our Nursery Room, our curriculum is intended to stimulate a range of basic motor skills, sensory play, and natural curiosity. Music and books are an essential part of each infant’s day. Our infant play areas are filled with stimulating toys that encourage each infant to develop at their own pace. Our staff, along with each child’s guardian, work together to help your infant transition to your Young Toddler Class.

  • 13 MONTHS – 25 MONTHS

The Young Toddler Program at Schoolhouse Learning Center is designed to assist young children as they make the transition from nursery care to a more Toddler oriented environment. While there is a group schedule in our Young Toddler Classroom, each staff member is aware of the needs of the Young Toddlers. The children participate in both small and large group activities, which include circle time. Play equipment in the Young Toddler Classroom includes blocks, books, climbers, dramatic play, music, push toys, and sensory materials.
Age appropriate art projects are also incorporated into the curriculum. Our energetic staff engages the children in musical games and physical challenges as their mobility increases. Daily Young Toddler reports note your child’s nap schedule, eating times, and diaper changes.

  • 25 MONTHS – 37 MONTHS

The children in the Toddler Program at Schoolhouse Learning Center are at a magical age! Curiosity is at its peak. We encourage open-ended activities and independent exploration to promote verbal and social growth. Self help skills which include hand washing and potty training are practiced daily. Through the use of learning centers the children explore their interests in diverse activities. Such centers include the kitchen/house area, building blocks, creative art, manipulatives (hand-eye coordination), music, a reading area, science and social studies. Circle time allows the children to practice their ABC’s, participate in games, sing their favorite songs, and read aloud as a group. Music and art projects are included in the daily lesson plans.

The equipment in the Toddler Room facilitates positive group and individual play experiences. It is important to provide this group with stimulating physical activities in a safe and supervised manner. Daily Toddler reports note your child’s overall day.

  • AGES 3 – 4

The Schoolhouse Learning Center Preschool Program provides challenging activities designed to meet the individual needs of children during the active time of growth and development. The teachers interact well with the children while supporting their development and learning. The children are exposed to curriculum that prepares them for school age thought.  Games and songs are used to engage the children in the education process.  The teachers also guide the children through learning centers that are utilized to engage children in literacy, math, science, social studies, technology and creative art activities. The learning centers are filled with educational materials and activities that enrich the curriculum and include real life experiences.  Preschoolers take an active role in creating artwork, using scissors and paintbrushes properly as their fine motor skills develop. During outdoor play, they take in fresh air, explore their environment and experience gross motor activities such as organized games. The teachers are eager to instill a sense of confidence as the child interacts with the world.

  • AGES 4 – 5

The Pre-Kindergarten Program promotes an enthusiastic and receptive attitude toward school. By combining a diverse academic program with a healthy socially oriented approach to play, we strive to create a stimulating fun-filled day for your child. Learning centers in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom facilitate literacy, math, science, social studies, technology and creative arts. It is important to provide these children with the ability to make independent choices of their activities. With such independence, we reinforce the need for self-help skills in gaining a sense of responsible social play which helps them develop skills that will serve them through their lives. Your child also enjoys outside play where they can run, climb, jump, observe and explore nature first hand. The teachers help each child acquire appreciation of his/her self-worth and respect for others. Our goal is to help each child meet their developmental and emotional needs and foster their creativity.

  • AGES 5 – 6

Our Kindergarten Program at Schoolhouse Learning Center is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the PA Learning Standards are integrated in lesson planning. Schoolhouse Learning Center is committed to the development of the whole child including physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Our Kindergarten Program embraces the same goal, encouraging aspects of development in the design of the curriculum. Children learn reading, writing and math fundamentals and complement their educational lessons with active curiosity activities. Learning centers throughout the classroom incorporate literacy, math, science, social studies, creative arts and technology. The centers help them develop confidence when they complete tasks successfully and the children develop social skills with one another by sharing and taking turns. Since children are very inquisitive and seek knowledge of every day life, we provide answers and instruct the children about their world around them.

*Schoolhouse Learning Center offers 1/2 day Kindergarten transportation to the local elementary schools.

  • AGES 6 – 12

Our Before and After School Program is designed for school-age children. We provide transportation by van from our center in the morning to their designated elementary school and we will also return in the afternoon to pick up children from their elementary schools and escort them to our center. Once the children arrive, they are given afternoon snack and we provide some quite homework time and assist them with any questions they may have. We also provide a variety of other activities -both indoor and outdoor- inclusive of small and large group. Utilization of interest areas throughout the classroom provide the children with areas to explore and create. Manipulative materials are developmentally appropriate to the varying age levels.

AGES 5 YEARS (completion of kindergarten is required) – 12 YEARS

The summer camp program at Schoolhouse Learning Center is available to children ages 5 years (completion of kindergarten is required) to twelve years old. The program operates from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and runs for ten weeks. Campers enjoy the following activities daily: soaking up the sun on swimming days, fabulous field trips, delicious bbq’s, cool arts and crafts, fun games, super sports, and so much more. Campers are given a morning and afternoon snack every day with beverages. Each camper is provided with two Schoolhouse Learning Center t-shirts and a water bottle at the start of camp. Schoolhouse Learning Center camp is where kids have fun and adventure!